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Through this website I want to share several Hata Yoga and Dynamic Yoga exercises, and also I want to bring up proposals of a natural lifestyle that aims to support a global view of living. My audience includes people who recognize the need to change their personal habits as a way to support the global environment; people who have a vision and a strong aspiration to attain more harmony between body, mind and spirit, while being respectful of the natural and universal laws that guide us.

Yoga is not about leaving the world. We can still enjoy the world and be thankful to its creator while we avoid the things that separate us from the harmony of creation. Our upbringing, and environmental and social conditioning, lead us to exaggerate the values that are based on affirmation of the Self, on competition, on always comparing ourselves with other people, on appearing instead of being, on consuming what we don't need, on being attach to material things which we regard as status symbols.

Very humbly, I prefer to offer my contribution to different parameters, based on recognition of the value and uniqueness of every human being, and on greater personal harmony and awareness for all, may they lead us to reconsider our concept of self-esteem.

As we are embodied as human beings, we already possess all the qualities that are needed for a life of happiness. Our nature is perfect, even though our behavior can be, sometimes, inappropriate. A steady Yoga practice may teach us to look inside ourselves more often, to discover our inborn predispositions and talents. Those will make us rejoice at what we do, without having to sacrifice our creativity to the economic success idol.

When we will truly be able to be ourselves, we will become better mentors for our children, we will be respectful and appreciative of their own creativity, we will stop rushing into molding them to be like us. Instead we will begin to learn from them, they are so full of freshness and enthusiasm. It will be the dawn of a new Age.

Starting from Yoga, through the years my own experience has grown to encompass some phychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the art of communication... all tools that I find useful for personal development and for a society founded on different values: being together, sharing experiences, without hierarchical relations. Therefore, my website is open to everyone's contributions; You will be sharing your ideals while contributing to this project.

Vittorio, October 16th, 2005